ABBA Markets is Africa's fastest growing Business Intelligence System (BIS) designed to advance trust and transparency in cross-border business transactions, intra-state trade, provision of services and general commercial activities throughout Africa, emphasizing business standards that eliminate unethical practices all over Africa.

Our Mission

To advance a trustworthy marketplace across Africa.

Our Vision

We aspire to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers of goods, service providers and their clients, while enhancing customer satisfaction throughout the African continent. We strive to be the good company that will drive and grow Africa's economy for the next 200 years. Our vision for the fiscal year 2037 is to serve 1.4 billion African consumers, enable 100 million businesses to be profitable and create 2 million direct jobs across Africa.

Our Values

- Customers first, employees second, shareholders third
- Trust is everything
- Transparency is a must
- Evolve, adapt and lead
- Today's best performance is tomorrow's baseline
- If not now, when? If not me, who?
- Live seriously, work happily

Our History

On average, over 800 million people from all over Africa spend money on goods and services each day, through business transactions with different sellers and service providers in different parts of the Continent. This, they do without a well defined, centralized system to provide them with relevant data to help them make informed decisions at the point-of-purchase. This leaves a gap and room for unethical practices that have become very common in the business place.

The Bridge

ABBA is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to deliver innovative solutions needed to implement and advance a trustworthy marketplace for all of Africa and in the process, bridge the gap between sellers and buyers of goods, service providers and their clients, thereby, enhancing customer satisfaction throughout the African continent.

The company's platform is a Centralized Autonomous System (CAS) of accreditation of all individual sellers, SMEs and large enterprises operating in Africa. Centered on its core website and a mobile application, the system provides buyers with relevant data which helps them make informed decisions before paying for goods or services all over Africa.

The New Phase

In addition to our ever growing portfolio, ABBA also operates a powerful e-commerce platform, ABBA Markets, which enables third-party sellers from all over Africa to list and sell their products, new, refurbished or used items on a fixed-price to buyers from all over the world.

ABBA Markets is powered by ABBA Wallet, which uses Escrow Payment Protection to ensure that every seller on ABBA Markets gets paid for goods sold to buyers and services provided to clients; and that every buyer receives the goods and services paid for through the ABBA Markets, thereby, maintaining peace of mind in every business deal.

The company is anchored on a diversified business model with its revenue to be generated from the Accreditation Subscriptions Products, Marketing Solutions and Sales Solutions.

Founded in June 2022, ABBA Markets LLC ("ABBA"), is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Delaware, USA incorporated and Los Angeles, California, USA based ABBA Platforms Inc., a privately-held company, whose shares are not traded on any public stock exchange.

ABBA maintains permanent anchor offices in all the major towns and cities in different countries throughout Africa.