ABBA Escrow Wallet

ABBA Escrow Wallet uses the escrow payment protection system, a high security gateway that makes payments very secure and protects both sellers and buyers who do business on ABBA Markets, ensuring that sellers are paid and buyers get value for their money and are fully satisfied.

When a buyer pays for goods or services on ABBA Markets, the paid money is held in ABBA Escrow Wallet. Seller can see that buyer has paid, but seller has no access to the money yet. Upon confirmation of this payment, seller ships the goods to buyer. When buyer receives the goods paid for through ABBA Markets, buyer must confirm that goods paid for have been received. Upon the buyer confirming of the receipt of the goods or satisfaction of services rendered, ABBA Escrow Wallet releases the money to the seller.

ABBA Escrow Wallet ensures that sellers and service providers get their monies paid for goods sold or services provided and that buyers receive in good condition, goods bought and are satisfied with services provided. Satisfaction of all involved is taken very seriously in every transaction on ABBA Markets.

ABBA Wallet is a brand of ABBA Payments Ltd, a premier multiregional and multi-currency financial technology company, developing and operating innovative payment systems.