100% Natural Cocoa Powder From Côte D'Ivoire

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Price: USD $7387.00 (Per Ton)
Local Price: 4488476.27 XOF (Per Ton)
Condition: Dry

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Pictures: { 25KG-bags of natural powder at the company's warehouse in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire🇨🇮 ready to be shipped in containers to clients anywhere in the world}.
The product we supply is: *_Natural Cocoa Powder_*.

-100% natural cocoa contains and smell.
-Fine free flowing dark brown powder.

Country of origin: Côte d'Ivoire( Ivory Coast)🇨🇮.

Minimum required quantity order: 200 MT/monthly.

Packaging: packaged in 25 KG Kraft bag with inner plastic bag.

Payment Terms: -A) 40% Cash or bank transfer to Seller.
•60% Letter of Guarantee or Promissory Note.

-B) Payment instrument endorsed in Seller's name; irrevocable, transferrable, assignable, divisible for each & every shipment, to be paid against presentation of shipping documents to the buyer's bank.
LC should be issued on a 25 first line bank.

As per specifications


100% Natural Cocoa Powder From Côte D'Ivoire
USD $7387.00